5 Instagram accounts to follow


Instagram is a great place to go to find inspirational advice and health tips. Most of us use social media every day, so by increasing the number of accounts we follow that promote health and fitness inspiration, it can reinforce our fitness goals and help to keep us on track daily.

Here are five accounts we recommend to follow:

Dr James DiNicolantonio @drjamesdinic

A Cardiovascular research scientist who gives his audience bite size evidence based nutrition tips, insights and motivation. James is on a mission to help millions to break free from restrictive diets and take charge of their health on their own terms.

Dale Pinnock – The Medicinal Chef @themedicinalchef

Nutritionist, Broadcaster and author, Dale Pinnock makes healthy eating simple. Dale is a huge believer in that what we put in our bodies affects how we feel, our immune systems. His profile provides simple recipes, short informational videos on key nutrients and debunking myths about weight loss.

Carter, Weight Loss Coach @CarterGood

Carter has lived his own advice. He was overweight as a teenager, 305 lbs at his heaviest. After going to the other end of the spectrum and restricting himself so much in college, he has now found the key to having a balanced view to health and fitness. From his experience he provides straightforward, realistic reminders.

Dr Mark Hyman, M.D. @drmarkhyman

A family practitioner, Mark is hugely focused on educating his audience about eating for longevity. Choosing the right kind of foods to reduce inflammation, gut health and slow the aging process. Mark provides a lot of information about why we need certain foods and the benefits of them – perfect to help motivate you each day to eat well.

Daniel Rosenthal, Weight Loss Coach @rosentrain

No nonsense, logical advice on fitness and general health. Daniel posts constant reminders about how to get fit and healthy. Simple habits and practices you can incorporate in your daily life. Often things we know we should be doing, but reminders we need nonetheless.

If you’re serious about loosing fat and getting healthy for good, we hope some of these account will give you the daily reminders you need to hit our goals and stay on track.

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