5 Instagram accounts to follow

Instagram is a great place to go to find inspirational advice and health tips. Most of us use social media every day, so by increasing the number of accounts we follow that promote health and fitness inspiration, it can reinforce our fitness goals and help to keep us on track daily. Here are five accounts […]


Cryoslimming blog header

Have you been working hard on your health and fitness, but are still struggling to get rid of those stubborn pockets of fat, or tone up in certain areas? If you’re looking for a natural non-invasive treatment to support your fat loss efforts and reach your fitness goals, CryoSlimming® could be the solution. CryoSlimming® treatments have been designed to work […]



Once you are on the right path to losing weight, building muscle and becoming a healthier version of yourself the next stage is to put into place ways to lose the weight for good and maintain it. There are a few things that you can do to ensure that your efforts are sustainable and it […]

The Truth about Fat Loss


We are living in 2023… it’s time we get real about fat loss! Gone are the days that we can fool ourselves into thinking that a crash diet or a juice cleanse is the answer to shed lbs fast before the summer arrives – when we can no longer hide under layers of wooly jumpers […]

8 Must-Have Beauty Products: Winter Edition


As the seasons change and the temperatures fall, it is time to take a different approach to beauty. Winter can be harsh on the skin, which can have a long-lasting impact on your beauty routine. If you want to avoid the winter’s impact on your skin, discover our must-have products to get you through the […]

5 ways to prevent lip thinning


Thinning lips are one of the first places to show signs of ageing. Dehydration, diet, skin care and environmental factors can all play a role in the appearance or ‘disappearance’ of your lips. You may be thinking, “If dehydration is the main cause of thinning lips, why does my friend have them but I don’t?” […]

Lip Thinning in Menopause


As you progress through menopause and into the menopausal years, you may notice that your lips seem thinner, drier and more neutral-toned. Both the upper and lower lips lose volume so they appear longer, slimmer and flatter, and tiny wrinkles form around the lips that can make lipstick bleed. The distance from the bottom of […]

Why Cold Showers Are Good For You: The Science Behind the Hype


Cold showers have become popular in recent years. But why exactly have so many people started taking cold showers? Well, it’s not just a fad or a quick fix to get rid of that stinky sweat. There is actually a lot of science-backed research that explains why taking cold showers is good for you and […]

How to Incorporate Cold Therapy for Health & Fat Loss


Cold therapy is a form of therapy that uses ice or cold temperatures to treat certain injuries and conditions. It can be used for cosmetic reasons, as well as to help with weight loss. Cold therapy can also be used for immunity and skin health, so it’s not just for the sick! Win Hof is […]

Combat signs of aging with CryoToning – Before & After Results


Collagen – a protein that is responsible for providing structure to skin, muscles, bones and is essential in supporting the body’s organs, blood vessels and joints, amongst many other things. It’s the ‘glue that holds us together’ – The word collagen actually comes from a greek word – “kólla” – meaning glue. Without a decent […]