Combat signs of aging with CryoToning – Before & After Results

Collagen – a protein that is responsible for providing structure to skin, muscles, bones and is essential in supporting the body’s organs, blood vessels and joints, amongst many other things. It’s the ‘glue that holds us together’ – The word collagen actually comes from a greek word – “kólla” – meaning glue.

Without a decent collagen supply we can experience issues with gut health, with joints, ligaments and lack of elasticity in the skin.

According to Suzan Obagi, assistant professor in dermatology at the University of Pittsburgh and director of the Cosmetic Surgery and Skin Health Center; after the age of 20 years old we start to lose collagen at a rate of 1% per year! This might not sound a huge amount but that means by the time you hit 40 you have 20% less collagen than you did when you were 20 years old. Studies show that when people hit the menopause (50), they experience a 30% drop in collagen in the first five years. After that, the decline is more gradual.

The skin then becomes thinner, drier, and less elastic. There are multiple other reasons that collagen starts to decline, not just because of age alone. It is widely known that our environment, pollution, and smoking can all have an impact on collagen production and therefore aging.

What can be done

Diet, exercise, good sleep are all things that can boost our overall health and will help slow down the decline in collagen production. However, if you’re over the age of 35 we all know that these things aren’t enough.

What’s great is that these days with advancements in aesthetics and technology in the beauty industry, you don’t have to go under the knife to roll back some of the years visible on our faces.

Treatments like Microneedling, HiFu, Red light therapy are all making an impact on the beauty industry, treatments that can be done on your lunch break. They are great examples of treatments that can also be combined with CryoToning® using the Cryostar device.

The Cryostar® machine is the latest in precision temperature technology. It’s non-invasive, so there is ZERO downtime. It’s an enjoyable, relaxing treatment – No suction, no pain. Particularly with the CryoToning® treatment. This can be carried out in as little as 20 minutes per treatment and you are right back on with your day. It is suggested that the precise alternating heat and cold technology applied during Shape treatments triggers neocollagenesis, a natural regenerative process in the body, producing clinically-proven circumferential reduction and skin toning, tightening, and firming.

CryoToning® can target those tricky areas that can be particularly aging – like bad skin tone, visible pores, sagging skin, wrinkles – just a few of things that result as we age and lose collagen. These things can be particularly noticeable on the neck, decolatege, jawline and arms.

Cryostar® can support in targeting these issues:

Whether you’re trying to keep the aging process at bay or looking to combat signs of aging, our therapists can help guide you through your options for treatments and put together a plan that will help you achieve your desired results. Book in for a FREE consultation at a location near you. #shapethebodyyouwant

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