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Have you been working hard on your health and fitness, but are still struggling to get rid of those stubborn pockets of fat, or tone up in certain areas?

If you’re looking for a natural non-invasive treatment to support your fat loss efforts and reach your fitness goals, CryoSlimming® could be the solution.

CryoSlimming® treatments have been designed to work with your body’s natural process of apoptosis, which breaks down fat cells and eliminates through your lymphatic system.

As it’s not possible to choose the areas of our bodies from where we lose fat, the beauty of Cryostar® treatments is that they are tailored to target the areas you specifically struggle to lose fat. For example, many women struggle to reduce fat on their upper and mid backs. Love handles can also be an area that is difficult for many.

For men, particularly as they age, it can be tricky to keep a slim stomach.

All of these areas are very popular amongst our clients.

Reducing overall size of the waist and stomach can also be achieved by incorporating CryoSlimming® as one element of fat loss habits.

Even in just one CryoSlimming® session it’s possible to lose inches. However, generally it’s recommended to have a minimum of five sessions to see optimal results.

Maybe you’re doing really well with building health habits and an active lifestyle but there are areas that you’d still like to tighten or tone a little bit more. Our fully trained therapists can tailor a package for you combining both CryoSlimming® and CryoToning®.

Combing CryoSlimming® with CryoToning® will not only focus on reducing fat, it will tighten and tone, improve the appearance of cellulite, loose skin and signs of aging.

This is a great solution for targeting areas such as the bottom, hips and back of the thighs.

Many personal trainers love CryoSlimming® as an addition to their clients’ packages. As their clients start to see great results, feel fitter, stronger and more toned. CryoSlimming® is perfect for removing those last few inches, and helping to reveal the muscle definition.

CryoSlimming® treatments work best with an overall healthy diet and active lifestyle. It’s not a magic fix, but there are ways you can maximise your Cryostar results, so with a combination of a healthy lifestyle and Cryostar® treatments you could achieve the body you have always desired. Check out some specific case studies for fat freezing results.

Interested in adding CryoSlimming® or CryoToning® in your health fitness plan? Check out our location finder and enter your postcode to find the clinic nearest to you.

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