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Karen | Operations Director

We asked Delaney, Head of Training & Development which Cryostar® treatment is her favourite to have and CryoToning® was a firm winner! Carry on reading to find out how it works, the benefits and what she uses the treatment for.

FAQ’SFrom Delaney
What is CryoToning®?CryoToning® treatments utilise the application of cold temperatures to tighten, smooth, and shape areas of the body through the process of Neocollagenesis. Which is a process in which new collagen is produced in response
to inflammation and is a natural component of the body’s natural wound-healing
mechanism. This in turn helps to stimulate collagen production, key proteins in the skin. CryoToning® treatment is best used to address loose skin, cellulite, and signs of ageing.
Who are the ideal candidates?Ideal candidates for the CryoToning® treatment include individuals with cellulite (in which case combining CryoSlimming® and CryoToning® is typically the best approach), individuals with loose skin, individuals with skin lacking evenness in texture or tone, and individuals with signs of ageing.
CryoToning® is also the perfect option for clients who are athletic, with not enough pinchable subcutaneous tissue to be considered CryoSlimming® candidates, but who still want to increase definition and tighten the skin.
What does the treatment feel like?The treatment is very consistent from start to finish. Many clients report it feels like an ice cube moving across the treatment area for 30 minutes. CryoToning®, while still employing subzero temperatures in some cases, is applied with a more gentle technique than CryoSlimming® due to its intended penetration of the tissue (i.e. reaching simply the epidermis and dermis). The warming from the technician’s hand also produces a relaxing effect.
What can I expect from the treatment in terms of results?A treatment programme of 5 sessions, performed once or twice per week, is recommended for best results. Some clients may require 10 sessions, or a combination package of CryoSlimming® and CryoToning® depending on their concerns and desired treatment outcomes. We typically recommend that clients over the age of 45 come in 2x per week for best results.

Most clients start to see sustainable results from CryoToning® around their third or fourth session, as the treatment does have a cumulative effect in the body where collagen production ramps up over time.
Our clinical study demonstrated that 100% of those studied experienced improved skin quality.
How can I achieve the best possible results?CryoToning®, like CryoSlimming®, is not an alternative to diet and exercise, and thus a balanced exercise routine and healthy diet should be maintained throughout the programme. In order to achieve the best possible results, it is encouraged to increase water intake during any CryoToning® treatment programme to help improve skin quality.

Maintenance is essential for CryoToning® treatments, so be sure to schedule your maintenance package with your Cryostar® provider after your initial programme.
How long will my results last?Collagen production is mainly determined by age, genetics, and various lifestyle factors, so the results of these treatments will not be permanent.

For clients over the age of 45, we recommend starting with a treatment programme of 5 sessions, 2x per week, then maintaining every 1-3 months as needed.

For clients under the age of 45, we recommend starting with a treatment programme of 5 sessions, 1x per week, then maintaining every 2-3 months as needed.
How is CryoToning® different from other skin-tightening modalities?CryoToning® is a completely natural and non-invasive modality. While other modalities risk necrotic injury and trauma to the skin, CryoToning® is a safe and gentle treatment that packs an effective punch.

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We hope this Q&A gave you a little more insight into what to expect from another one of our Cryostar® treatments, and how it can help support your health and wellness journey. If you have any other questions, we’ve not answered here please feel free to reach out to us

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be getting further in-depth updates from Delaney on our CryoFacial™. You can see her updates on CryoSlimming® here – In the meantime, stay safe and well.

Karen | Operations Director

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