Does Cryostar® Fat Freezing Work?

Cryostar® is a non-surgical device that works by freezing and reducing pockets of fat in various areas of the body. Our partners can easily convey positive fat loss results to their customers using regular ‘before and after’ images as well as exact inch measuring, this show’s the true extent of the fat loss achieved after a treatment or over a course.

Cryostar® is recommended as part of a wellness journey that is individual to each body type and the required fat loss result. This fat freezing treatment is used alongside healthy and consistent lifestyle choices from our customers to maintain their permanent loss.

Instant fat freezing results are often seen after each body contouring session that then continues to be seen over the following post treatment weeks which is why customers love it!

What is fat freezing and how does it work with Cryostar®?

The Cryostar® device delivers non-invasive, non-surgical slimming treatments by using a smooth wand applicator and pre-programmed protocols. The protocols have been formulated through rigorous clinical trials and then evolving through our expert, in-house product training team.

The treatments can only be carried out via a trained technician. Our technicians have extensive knowledge of how the lymphatic system works specifically for fat freezing and removing the fat cells.

Delany – Director, Partner Training & Quality

“The lymphatic system is the main pathway for fat cell debris to leave the system. It does not have its own active pumping system, so it depends on the body’s movement, sweat, urine and breath to keep the lymph moving”.

The technician uses the wand through a barrier gel onto the skin. This delivers alternating warm and cold temperatures via a smooth wand applicator process. During the device’s protocol the technician is constantly working to maintain cold temperatures to freeze the fat cells in the localised body area. This is achieved using a manual massage technique and constant movement of the applicator wand – the outer skin layer is never exposed to a constant, stagnant cold temperature so avoids causing any skin burn or damage. Generally the technique is not painful, even as the temperature initially cools the target area.

The technician’s pressure of the wand whilst working through short device protocols of alternating temperatures will ultimately break down unwanted subcutaneous fat. During the fat freezing treatment the cold temperatures applied to the localised area encourage programmed cell death (apoptosis) – but only on the fat cells. Fat cells have a much lower freezing point than other cells so there is no need to worry about any negative impact on the surrounding tissue.

The redundant fat cells then leave the body naturally via the body’s lymphatic system over the course of 2 weeks, between treatments. For faster and more pronounced results; it is encouraged to increase water intake during any CryoSlimming® fat freezing programme. It is also suggested that CryoSlimming® clients eliminate refined sugars as much as possible, as with any wellness journey.

Additional ways to increase the effect of the fat freezing treatment is to have CryoToning® sessions between slimming appointments as well as other recommended complementary treatments such as lymphatic drainage massage and compression therapy to name a couple.

What does the research say?

The ‘Body Fat Reduction Market’ is expected to hit USD 16.5 billion by 2025; according to a new research report by Global Market Insights, Inc. Growing incidence of obesity coupled with rising focus on body contouring procedures will accelerate body fat reduction industry growth in the forthcoming years.’

As a business Artemis are committed to continuing our clinical trials, technician feedback and updating training and protocols. Cryostar® already has a great stake in the body contouring and fat freezing industry so we want to continue educating our customers on working hard on their health and wellbeing as well as using our treatments.

Our clinical research shows that Cryostar® customers lose an average of 1.85 inches over 5 sessions which is an average reduction of 18.96% in subcutaneous fat. Subcutaneous fat is an important part of your body, but if your body is storing too much of it, you may be at a higher risk for health problems including:

  • Heart disease and strokes
  • High blood pressure
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Certain types of cancer
  • Sleep apnea
  • Fatty liver disease
  • Kidney disease

The Science to back the research!

The Peltier Effect gives Cryostar® precise temperature control creating the perfect conditions to reduce fat without damaging the surrounding tissue. The body calls on the lymphatic system to send macrophages (large white blood cells) to come and ‘eat-up’ the fat debris after the cold temperature has destroyed the fat cell.

Some slimming services can effectively cause damage to your skin. Cryostar® is completely non-invasive and uses science that works with your body’s natural systems.

Cold temperatures, when applied to fat cells, trigger apoptosis – also known as “programmed cell death” – a process which occurs naturally in the body all the time. With the application of sub-zero temperatures, CryoSlimming® is able to induce apoptosis to target fat cells and eliminate body fat. We use this science to achieve incredible results.

87.5% of those studied saw an improvement in body shape. 94% of those studied experienced a significant reduction in waistline measurement!

Who is it for and how can you get the most from it?

Cryostar® fat freezing is suitable for any body type but specifically for those who want to eliminate stubborn pockets of fat. Our fat freezing treatments are best used as a part of an overall health and fitness program, not as a replacement for. Personal Trainers can easily build it into their client’s programme for ultimate results.

An ideal scenario would be if a client is maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle – eating well, taking regular exercise and wanting to focus on a specific area of their body to contour or focus on an area of stubborn fat.

A big factor to the success of the treatments, and getting the required results, come from a good aftercare routine. It is encouraged after every treatment and in between each session to up water intake, this allows the body to flush out those broken down fat cells through the lymphatic system. A lymphatic massage is also a great follow up treatment, to boost the lymphatic system, remove waste, toxins and dispose of them via bowel waste, urine, sweat and breath.

No downtime, however mild redness and tenderness may be present after initial treatment. With a full fat freezing/CryoSlimming® treatment taking no more than 45 minutes the sessions are for customers who are time conscious. Gym at 6.00am, office at 8.00am, CryoSlimming® in your lunch break – easy. With it being a non-invasive treatment Cryostar® can even be carried out on the same day as an event (like a wedding!) without the customer worrying about being immobile or in pain. Unlike surgical procedures to remove fat or those using vacuums and suction the Cryostar® seamlessly glides across the body, the technician is constantly massaging the localised area so other than the body feeling temporarily cold they are good to go straight after.

Shape The Body You Want – Cryostar® thrives on this theory, knowing ‘every body’ we come into contact with is different yet we are able to treat almost everyone. Males and females alike can expect positive results from Cryostar® fat freezing, our device delivers the same technology and technique. Prior to all treatments of CryoSlimming®, CryoToning® and the CryoFacial™ the customer will receive a thorough consultation so they can discuss in detail their lifestyle, expectations and goals. This can then be tracked across the course of sessions and adapted where needed.

How safe is fat freezing?

Cryostar® is a safe, regulated and non-invasive technology that is approved to be used on the face and body to freeze and reduce fat, address stubborn cellulite and boost collagen and rejuvenate skin.

Apoptosis is the natural process of programmed cell death. It’s something our bodies do naturally, allowing it to balance out old and new cells, and remove any unwanted cells, for example the body would try to remove any pre-cancerous cells via the process of Apoptosis.

The Apoptosis process happens with fat cells when they are exposed to controlled thermal reduction. It is the cold temperatures that encourage the process of Apoptosis to begin in fat cells.

With Cryostar® fat freezing technology, the process works when a trained technician applies a wand directly to the area of the body they would like to treat, after applying a gel to protect the skin. The wand bounces between warm and cold temperatures. The warmest temperatures used are up to 4c and the coldest can be -4c. The range of temperature used is dependent on what area of the body is being treated and the results desired – these have been derived from extensive clinical trials.

Once the temperature is reduced, the fat cells can no longer sustain life. As fat cells are more susceptible to cold temperatures than other cells, fat freezing activates Apoptosis in the fat cells only, achieving the desired result without causing any collateral damage to skin or other cells.

At the end of all treatments the device warms the treatment area back up for another couple of minutes. The treatment is followed with a massage, to send the broken down fat cells towards the nearest lymph nodes. The Lymph nodes are part of the lymphatic system and flush all the toxins and waste out of the body, including these broken down fat cells.

Cryostar® is a revolutionary, safe alternative to liposuction that encourages health and wellbeing and not a replacement.

How does Cryostar® compare to CoolSculpting?

“(Non-invasive) Fat treatments have rapidly risen in popularity. Independent research now predicts that non-invasive fat reduction procedures will be worth over $1.1 billion by 2022.”*

This has resulted in various machines, technologies and resources being developed to aid non-invasive body contouring and potentially offer to completely replace surgical treatments. Both the mentioned treatments are different in machine technology and application and will therefore harness different results. The effectiveness is dependent on how the individual body reacts and ultimately removes the fat from the system.

Cryostar® is applied using a manual massage technique in which the technician creates folds in the skin to cool the subcutaneous fat cells, and there is no mechanised vacuum.

CoolSculpting is applied using a mechanised vacuum technology and extreme cold application via applicators which suck the skin and adipose tissue in for roughly one hour. These applicators are a uniform shape so cover a fixed area.

Cryostar® produces results fast (typically clients see initial results within the first 2 weeks), while CoolSculpting typically takes 12 weeks to show results.

Cryostar® treatments have the ancillary benefit of increasing collagen production in the treated area so it is recommended to treat Slimming and Toning. Due to the vacuum component of CoolSculpting, this treatment is not recommended for clients who have loose skin.

Cryostar® can also be combined with other industry machines and techniques to enhance the results including lymphatic drainage massage, Hydra Facial, whole body Cryotherapy, red light therapy.


Cryostar® by Artemis is excited for the rest of 2022 and how many people will benefit from sculpting their bodies using the device. All of our Partners across the UK offer free consultations to work out a plan based on your needs and lifestyle goals. To view a gallery of our transformed clients and their Before & After photos visit our Instagram page.

As a business owner you can add Cryostar to your clinic in a couple of easy steps, we offer a free trial period with no commitment so you can trial the machine for four weeks. Click for further information.

Karen – Marketing Manager

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