Emma is our UK Trainer and works closely with all of our retailers. It has been a journey building up our training schedule, especially recently whilst in and out of lockdown. Now our retailers are able to reopen we are working on welcoming customers back as well as opening new salon doors throughout the UK.

Emma will be putting together a series of blog posts including Cryostar® BEFORE & AFTER RESULTS! As well as looking at our scientific approach to non-invasive body sculpting – so we wanted to introduce her.

Karen | Operations Director

Question’sFrom Emma
Why did you enter the beauty world?
After years of being told off for using makeup wipes and avoiding sunscreen, I wanted to know more about the world the women in my family have talked so much about.

My mum has been in the beauty industry for many years and now has an accomplished freelance business using brands such as Medik8, Nouveau, Dermatude and CND – we are also a houseful of ladies so the beauty products we go through is EXTENSIVE.

I trained as a nail technician as soon as I was old enough just to get my foot in the door and start taking on my own clients; I soon saw the rest of the industry thriving so decided to train as a beauty and aesthetic therapist so I could be part of the new technologies that are shaping us… literally!
What industry training have you done?I spent a long time working out where it was best to do my training and I found the perfect course at Champneys Beauty College in Hertfordshire. Not only was the college situated in the most beautiful grounds of the flagship resort, it is one of the most highly recommended beauty schools in the country.

I did a full time fast track course to complete my ITEC Level 4 diploma and a world class CIDESCO qualification; it was a very intense way of completing this qualification, but the blood sweat and tears, along with the lack of a social life at 19, it was well worth it in the end.

Having a CIDESCO qualification under my belt has really opened up so many avenues in the industry as its one of the highest qualifications and hugely recognised. It’s given me everything I need to take on any sort of role within beauty; I would highly recommend it to anyone looking into starting a career in beauty.
What did you do straight out of training at Champneys?I worked within a beauty salon for about a year where I was covering a range of treatments. I really liked the facial work as it has always been an interest to me based on my own skin problems growing up.

Additional brands that I then trained to use are Decleor and Dermalogica and Elemis – a favourite product of mine that had an instant result through facial was the Dermalogica Rapid Reveal Peel.

What do you do day to day as a Cryostar® trainer?As the UK trainer for Cryostar® I get to travel around to our lovely retailers, this is great for me as everyday is a bit different!

I spend around a day with each retailer initially to give them all the information they need to start using the Cryostar® machine in their clinics; I start off with the theory then spend as much time on the practical side of things.

Spending more time on the practical allows me to see what level my trainees are at and also puts all the theory into practise so they’re not forgetting anything important when they’re working on clients.

I love to build good relationships with all the retailers so I’m updated on their progress and seeing their fab results on their own clients. I always try and visit retailers to see how they are doing in action and working with them closely so they can improve and perform the Cryostar® treatments to perfection! It gives me great pleasure hearing all the feedback and seeing the retailers achieve some amazing results.
What did you get up to in lockdown?With another closure to the beauty industry, it was hard to stay motivated, particularly with the colder weather, it was challenging to keep a routine in place.
Other than keeping up to date with our retailers and keeping them motivated, my main focus included keeping an active routine and to keep my mind active! Skin care is so important to me as I’ve struggled with it over the years, so I kept up to date with the industry by taking online classes and seminars throughout lockdown.

As I was not spending money like normal, I decided to invest into some great products, some of my favourites are from Medik8 and Alumier!
What is your favourite Cryostar® Treatment and why?The CryoToning® and it’s affect on the apperance of cellulite! It works across all body and skin types and the clients walk away so happy with the results as they are instant.
What are your goals for the rest of 2021?I would like to get some additional training under my belt for Cryostar® – we will be rolling out pain relief protocols which will be my next development on the brand.

2021 for Cryostar® will be a busy year – Emma will be back talking about the scientific details of how our treatments work and how the machine can instigate results by using just warm and cold temperatures.

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