The lymphatic drainage system is a network of tissues and organs that help rid the body of toxins, waste and other unwanted materials.


Have you ever tried to detox and wondered why removing toxins from your life can actually make you feel sick or tired? Why does being healthy often make you feel the immediate opposite of the desired effect and be so discouraging? Well one common explanation is that your lymphatic system is backed up. This can lead to headaches, recurrent sore throats, ears popping, frequent colds, acne or dry skin, a lack of energy AND the inability to lose weight!

WHY? It is the largest circulatory system in the body, twice as extensive as the arterial blood supply system which brings oxygen and nutrients to the cells. This is where the Lymphatic system differs from the circulatory system. It doesn’t have a heart to pump it, it’s not on automatic… it needs a little help from you to flush the debris.


GOOD NEWS! it is incredibly easy to make small beneficial changes… changes that will improve not just your Cryostar® Beauty precision temperature treatment results, but your health & vitality in general. Here’s five suggestions;

1) Hydrate daily! We all know it, it’s imprinted in our minds to drink water… but do we really keep as focused on this as we should? Easy tip, use your urine colour to determine your hydration levels. Maintain a good level of hydration and you will pass clear (mainly) odourless urine.

2) Breath! Although the lymphatic system is not connected to the heart, the process of breathing is a lymphatic pump. As such constant shallow breathing will actually cause lymphatic congestion. Easy tip, take a few minutes each day to concentrate on deep, controlled breathing. This is the same technique as practiced in yoga, the key to mediation or for those hard pressed for time a simple little app that’ll pop up on your Applewatch twice a day for 60 seconds a time.

3) Go for a walk! This is one of the best ways to activate lymphatic flow. It’s a weight bearing exercise that causes lymphatic stretch and just 15-30 minutes at a brisk pace is enough to make a difference. Easy tip, add this to your daily routine in the simplest way possible! Try getting off the train/bus one station earlier and walking to work, or taking a stroll instead of driving to collect the kids from school, it really doesn’t have to be excessive! Make it consistently achievable.

4) Alternating between Hot & Cold in the Shower! This one’s for the brave, also specifically NOT for the pregnant or those with high blood pressure or a heart condition. Super charge your shower by alternating between hot and cold for the last few minutes, ending on cold. This causes your lymphatic system to contract in the cold and dilate due to the heat. This helps to flush stagnant lymphatic fluid, improves circulation and boosts your metabolism.

5) Eat more fresh Fruit & Veg! Greens in particular are high in Chlorophyll which purifies the lymph and blood. Organic fats like nuts, seeds, butter, avocados and olive oil are much easier for the body to break down. Heavily processed foods are filled with additives, and you know here these are going to end up. Eating fresh fruit and veg is also so beneficial to your skin too!

So now (hopefully) you understand a little more about how the lymphatic system works, and what you can do to affect it. It’s useful to know.

It can make a detox easier and it can be the difference between catching or not catching a cold! And it can all start with just a few extra glasses of water, a short walk, a deep breath or a fresher diet.

Start today.

Michael – Cryostar Manager

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