We spoke to our Cryostar® specialist in Scotland – Sumera, owner of clinic Sculpt by Sumera based in Glasgow. Sumera promotes non-invasive aesthetic treatments in her clinic because she feels it is the way forward in therapies.

Karen | Operations Director

Question’sFrom Sumera
Your clinic specialises in Face and Body Sculpting and non-surgical treatments – why have you decided this route for your clinic and was it based on client demand or what you could see was missing in the City?Yes and yes! There weren’t many clinics in Glasgow offering non-invasive treatments when I opened my clinic 4 years ago. The reason I got into beauty and aesthetics was because my teenager was having acne issues and as a mum I wanted to help fix it! I trained in Collagen Induction Therapy in case my son would need some help with scarring, which fortunately he didn’t. That introduced me into the world of non-invasive beauty machines and I started looking into other treatments to offer. I enjoyed learning about the treatments and the science history behind them.

Filler and botox got huge in Glasgow, I decided to stick with non-invasive and what was working for my clients. Not everyone wants to use filler and like me lots of women want to age gracefully and focus on the quality of skin.

No one could believe results could by achieved with non-invasive treatments, everyone wanted a quick fix, so it was tough at first but I stuck to my guns and I’m so glad that I did.
Why do you feel non-surgical treatments in the UK are becoming more popular, will they take over the need for surgical treatments?Surgery I feel is more for clients who require a ‘quick fix’ and instant results. As a mother, for me life is so precious and for what your body goes through surgery is serious.

Non-invasive treatments are becoming more advanced by the day so I’m glad that there is an alternative that works! The UK are behind with regards to the non-invasive treatments offered in the market, my tourist and international clients are more aware but the UK clients aren’t as informed.

Things are however changing in the industry.
What is it about Cryotherapy and in particular the Cryostar® Beauty machine that you and your clients like the most?I LOVE IT! I contacted the brand as I wanted it in my clinic, it sounded perfect.

I studied the machine in depth when I received it in the first lockdown and knew that it would fit well at my clinic alongside my other non-invasive treatments.

I started to use it on my own neck, and I saw immediate results after one session! The before and after I took of myself was amazing, it was a game changer for me! You need to believe it yourself and I do because I’ve seen the results first-hand.
I love the Science, I love to ask why and how does it work, how does the body react to it – again my logical brain needs the answers and I can back it up because I truly understand the machine.

What are your top 5 tips for a healthy body and mind?This last year has been horrendous for so many people, the first lockdown wasn’t great for me and this last one I changed me mentally. I started to do my prayers and started to reward myself.

My prayers (some call it meditation)
Walking – Getting out of the house/fitness/health
Eating well – I want to eat what I want to eat so I exercise so I can reward myself.
Exercising your brain – Your brain is a muscle- you need to use it!
Change of mentally – I don’t care anymore about things that don’t matter. I Know what I know, I believe what I believe…
Body confidence and achieving YOUR body goals are at the heart of Cryostar®. Who is in your opinion the most body confidence person to you and why?I admire all women who wear what they want and don’t give a damn! I don’t feel it myself just yet but I’m working towards it and look forward to getting there, I now believe in myself.

Cryostar® is part of your journey but you do need to do the other things, drink lots of water, eat right and exercise, it all goes hand and hand. Everyone has a bit that they cannot budge so there is a treatment plan for everyone.

If you would like to book a consultation with Sumera at her clinic in Glasgow please visit their website or call her on 07951 278 565.

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