We caught up just last week with Delaney for a quick Q&A to give you an even better insight into who we are as a company and who are the driving forces behind the brand and treatments. Artemis Distribution oversees both the US and UK brands so she has her hands full!

Karen | Operations Director

What’s your background?

Like many others, I came to the health, wellness, and beauty space in a bit of a roundabout way. My background is actually in the art and fashion industries. I went to school for photography at Parsons in New York City and worked mostly in the art field after graduating. I had a lot of odd jobs – Photo Booth Technician, Archivist, Studio Manager, Acupuncture Clinic Manager – that I learned from immensely and developed a really varied breadth of skills.

However, after struggling with chronic health issues for over a decade, I decided to go back to school to pursue a Health Science degree in an effort to leverage my experience to help others. I met our Founder, Simon Mansell, in March of 2017 and aligned so much with his vision that I have been working with him ever since. For the past four years I have been dedicated to helping empower people to feel better in their skin using modalities that are both safe and effective.

I brought the first Cryoskin device back to the US at the end of 2017 in a suitcase. After seeing the immense success we had with Cryoskin in just two months at our Tribeca flagship location Cryofuel, Simon launched Artemis Distribution in an effort to introduce this modality to other business owners in an accessible way. We went from having one Cryoskin in September 2017 to now having over one thousand in the US market and now launching in the UK as Cryostar®.

What’s your role at Artemis Distribution?

I am the Head of Training and Development for Artemis Distribution which covers the UK Cryostar® and US Cryoskin, so I oversee the training departments across our current product lines (Cryoskin, Endosphères, and Wiemspro) as well as manage our testing function for new product innovation (i.e. new products coming down the pipeline, new protocols on existing products, prospective software updates, etc.) Day to day this looks like a jam packed calendar and lots of matcha lattes!

Our training department provides training resources across the partner lifetime – from initial hybrid online/in-person training workshops to continuing education for seasoned technicians. We currently have 14 training centers across the US offering in-person workshops, a dedicated team of experienced Master Trainers, and a full-time Support Helpdesk with Training Specialists available to answer any questions or concerns from our partners. We are always actively creating new training resources for our partners to help ensure their success with the modalities we provide.

What drives you each day to do what you do for Artemis?

I think the motivation comes from whole-heartedly believing in our company’s mission statement, which is to build a community of successful entrepreneurs who empower their clients to be confident in their own skin. I have seen the phenomenal impact Cryoskin has had on the businesses of so many of our partners, and as a former in-store technician I also have seen first hand its impact on end clients. There is no better feeling than seeing a client light up when they look at themselves in the mirror.

I have heard so many personal stories from our partners and their clients, some that would move you to tears. This human impact is the most important thing – and I think it can be easy to forget sometimes in the stress of business. At Artemis we have an internal chat channel where we all share partner success stories, and I read through it any time I need a pick-me-up. We also have an extremely collaborative culture internally which provides a space to constantly grow and pull the best out of each other.

I am also very passionate about what I do – I am a massive science geek so delving into the physiology and application of these modalities and finding the best ways to teach and communicate to others is very rewarding.

What’s your favourite Cryostar® treatment?

My favourite treatment to receive is the CryoToning®. I am an athlete but tend to retain water in my abdomen, so the CryoToning® gives me that extra definition and tightness which I love.

Having said that, my favourite treatment to perform is the CryoFacial™. I find there is something soothing about the repetition of the strokes for the technician as well as the client, and I always enjoy giving extended facial massages. For example: at our flagship location in Tribeca, Cryofuel, we had many clients coming to us on their lunch break from a high pressure job. They would be on the phone aggressively negotiating a merger before their consultation but then fall fast asleep midway through their CryoFacial™ and wake up feeling completely relaxed.

What are your own three health tips that you do each day?

1. Prioritize movement every day – I’m not used to sitting so much throughout the day but the pandemic has forced this on all of us. I go climbing as my high intensity training 4x per week but on off days I make sure to do something small to get my lymph moving. This could be a walk with the dogs, gentle stretching, or even just putting my legs up on the wall while reading.

2. Hydrate – This is something I used to be awful at but am getting much better. I can’t emphasize enough how important hydration is to both health and beauty. I’m slightly obsessed with lymphatic drainage as one of the keys to improving many general health, wellness, and aesthetic concerns. If you are having trouble motivating to drink more water, I would suggest making it fun by getting yourself a nice water bottle, alternating with some herbal teas, or incorporating hydration boosters like aloe.

3. Salt baths – I try to take salt baths nearly every night after I finish working to decompress, soothe sore muscles, and increase circulation and detoxification. I prefer to use Dead Sea Salt or Pink Himalayan Salt and a few drops of Lavender essential oil.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know more of our team and the talent behind our brand. Delaney recently wrote an article on our CryoSlimming® and everything that’s involved with that treatment. She has also written another two articles for our treatments CryoToning® and CryoFacial™ answering all your questions.

Karen | Operations Director

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