Based in Enfield, Kat’s Beauty Room incorporates all Cryostar® treatments with her existing massages, facials and slimming treatments.

Q: How does Cryostar fit into your business?Cryostar® is the first device we have added to our clinic. I previously trained in cavitation and this seemed like a great technology to add to our existing treatments. The device is small and hand held and treats localised targeted areas of the body. I knew it would be good to support my clients trying to tone and see results.

The machine looks great in the clinic and around Enfield there are no other businesses offering this specific treatment. A monthly subscription works so well for my business, I have had the chance to try it out for free and then pay monthly – I can see that I am making profit from the device which can only increase the more I spread the word and market my business.
Q: Do you boost your Cryostar treatment results by combining them with Pressotherapy and the Infrared Sauna Blanket?I use the pressotherapy and have since invested in an infrared sauna blanket – a few people have tried it after Cryostar® so we combine CryoSlimming® and lymphatic drainage at the clinic and then the infrared sauna blanket. By combining treatments it means that clients can maximise their results in less visits.


One of my clients is currently working on shaping and toning her thighs. The results are good and she is judging it by her clothes and on the scales. Since starting the course she has bought her own infrared sauna blanket for additional home use for after her Slimming sessions.


Before we started Cryostar® she was just having Arosha – a wrapping technique with pressotherapy, the difference is I can wrap larger areas of the body. The way it works is by draining the excess fluids and cellulite. My client has also been using the Arosha skin care which I also love.

Q: What do you and your clients love most about non-invasive treatments?I have had client feedback about other cold treatments and liposuction that leaves the body feeling frozen and painful, bruising on the skin for weeks. Most of my clients find Cryostar® relaxing – and they love the fact that it is a quick service and has no downtime.
Q: When you got Cryostar, how did you launch it to your clients?First we approached our existing clients, and some we started to do work with specifically for before and after result photos. This took us a bit longer but was worth it as their word of mouth recommendations were our next way to reach out to new clients.

Also, Social Media! I try to keep up with posting my photos, talking about my business, and promoting locally.
Q: What is next for your business?I am currently studying nutrition and diet. I want to combine the treatments I already offer with the advice on a healthy diet to offer an all round lifestyle service. Lots of clients are coming from different backgrounds and cultures so I want to be able to advise them to find out how their lifestyle can affect their health and wellbeing and how different treatments can boost their goals.

Educating clients is very important to me – not to over do it and to take care of their health for long term wellbeing.

If you would like to book a free consultation with Kat, visit her website and view Body treatments.

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