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Kerry is one of our most experienced trainers – she has a rich history across the beauty industry. Get to know her below as we ask her about her experience and why she joined the Cryostar® team, amongst other things.

Question’sFrom Kerry
Tell us about your background and how you got into the beauty industry?I’ve been in the beauty industry for 19 years now. I worked my way around the spa industry in my early years, working for Saks, Champneys and a few higher end spas in London. I then progressed my role into management, when the aesthetics industry had its boom in the uk around 10 years ago. I developed my skills and focused in this area which moved me into the field of aesthetics as an advanced practitioner. This allowed me to advance my skills working alongside the best DRS and nurses in the field, carrying out a range of treatments from advanced chemical peels to Laser and IPL treatments.

After 6 years focusing on treatments and results, I was then offered the Clinical manager role, allowing me to gain my experience in clinical compliance. I really enjoyed carrying out investigations as to what was the cause of certain complications with treatments and skin types – this area has had a huge contribution in how I understand contra-indications and certain reactions. I was also an ambassador for developing staff in our branches and passing on the skills and knowledge I have gained along the way, this is where I realised my passion and excitement for passing on knowledge and developing others to be superior in their field.

After learning new teaching skills I was offered a role within a college to teach and train full beauty and aesthetics qualifications in London, eventually becoming a Beauty assessor and IQA for the beauty industry. I really enjoyed teaching IPL and Laser on a range of new industry devices. Now I am teaching the cryostar device to retailers who take it on board as part of their treatment menu.
Why did you decide to work for Cryostar® and what is your current role?I was looking to reduce my paper work load and sometimes in teaching you would bring a lot home, I remember looking at my living room and it was covered in folders and paper work, the time was 2am and I was still working on folders. I had been sent the description by an old colleague who thought it would be a great fit for me, so I researched the device and company’s background. After seeing the results and how it worked, I was interested to find out more so I applied and now I am the trainer for the UK.
What motivates and drives you on a daily basis?My motivation is to develop others. I enjoy pushing people out of their comfort zone to make them confident within themselves and with the treatments they carry out. I also enjoy giving out beauty advice and going into detail about how treatments and products work.

Where do you see the future of the beauty industry going?The beauty industry is forever growing, there is no slowing down for it. It currently stands at a £27 billion industry in the uk alone. More and more people are now focusing on their self-care more than ever before and I think we can expect to see this grow significantly over the next few years. As well as seeing some beneficial law changes as well as new treatments and devices entering the industry, all of which I am super excited for.
What advice would you give to anyone looking to start a career in the beauty industry?Oh, I have so much, one would be there are so many options and directions you could take when choosing this industry, you have so many ways in which you could progress and develop your career. However, my main advice would be to never underestimate the power of a beautician, we actually study the whole anatomy of the body, it’s a huge course! I trained initially for 3 years (as long as a nurse) and many years on top of this to progress my skills.

We educate people on how to look after themselves, boost their confidence and are often a sound board for their problems.
What is one of your top beauty tips?Ohh..again I have so many! However, it would have to be WEAR SPF! Make sure you have a high protection factor with both UVA and UVB protection and NO MATTER THE WEATHER! Make sure you apply every day!!….also to check your expiry dates on your products!

If you would like to work with Cryostar® then please do get in touch, we often have position openings for Regional Trainers across the UK. Likewise if you would like to introduce Cryostar® to your clinic and receive our expert training then we can be contacted at

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