As a brand, Cryostar® Beauty wants to be part of the movement encouraging people to feel comfortable in their own skin. For that reason, we do not use filters in any of our imagery. We fully support campaigns and trends that empower women to love their bodies, without feeling the need to use a camera filter.

Karen | Operations Director

Our customers and retailers work together to bring back confidence in line with our ethos #ShapeTheBodyYouWant, which is why we encourage maintaining a healthy lifestyle to boost natural results from our treatments.

Yes, we will use aesthetically led or non-invasive treatments if we choose, but we like to show transparency and have many salons and clinics that also offer treatments such as micro-needling and chemical peels. Such treatments aren’t for everyone, but at Cryostar® we want you to get to know your skin so you can do the best for your skin and make the right choices for you.

The main way to feel confident in your own skin is to look after it on a daily basis and the keys to keeping your skin healthy is quite simple. Contrary to popular belief, less is more and you don’t need a wardrobe of 10 serums, acids, balms, and creams to keep your skin in check and looking its best.


Use a high SPF every single dayThis is an absolute must do! SPFs have come a long way in the last few years. Gone are the days of that white gloopy film across your skin which is unsightly and on deeper skin tones look ashy and grey.

SPFs are now invisible, undetectable, and work well under your makeup. They are so important for protecting your skin from harmful rays, which cause age spot, uneven skin tone and wrinkles. Ideally you want to go for a 30 or 50 SPF.

Did you know you need to use 2tbsp of SPF for your face and neck alone!? This seems a lot, but with so many new water-based or gel formulations you will soon get used to it.

Look Fantastic has taken the guess work out of which sun creams to try here.
Hydrate Hydrate HydrateOn average, an adult’s body is made up of 60% water… Lack of water can cause dry skin, increased sweat production and cravings for sugary foods which have knock on effects on our skin’s appearance.

Drinking at least 2 litres of water a day helps to flush out toxins in the body, which in turn increases the blood flow to your skin giving you a more flushed and radiant appearance – who doesn’t want that?

When your skin is adequately hydrated it improves the skin’s own elasticity, which is key for youthful skin as the more hydrated your skin appears the less visible wrinkles are.

Ensuring your skin stays hydrated by using a decent moisturiser is vital. Glamour magazine recently shared their advice on the best moisturisers for all skin types and budgets, from a £13 CeraVe lotion from Boots, right up to the uber-posh, Sisley at £146.00. Deciding which one is the right one for you will be easier if you know your skin type, leading us to our next key point…
Know your Skin TypeOnce you understand what your skin really needs and what its concerns really are you can shop specifically for the right products, that will work with your skin to achieve the desired results. Gone will be the days of trying products just because they’re new or trending. You will be able to research and know quickly if that product will be right for you.

There are four basic types of healthy skin: normal, dry, oily and combination skin. If you are unsure as to what your type is check out this great video from Skincare YouTuber superstar Hyram, it helps you figure out your type in under 5 mins.

One of our favourite beauty journalists is Ateh Jewel, who you may recognise from ITVs This Morning where she presents a regular beauty segment. Ateh recently wrote a great piece about skin being our largest organ and protecting your skin from free radicals found in pollution. Great to know if you live in an urban areas and need that additional protection.

Your skin can and does change! Especially during hormonal changes in your life and throughout the seasons, so keep an eye out for those subtle changes and you’ll learn your skin pattern. More to come on premenopausal and menopausal skin soon!

If you have any other questions please feel free to reach out to us

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