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Tone up for the summer with CryoToning!

With Summer 2023 officially here, are you as keen to hit the beach for your summer break as we are? 

If you started on your fitness goals back in March with some of our suggestions on how to get achieve them without any drastic dieting, you’ll likely be hearing how great you look from friends and family. No matter how far you are on your road to better health and fitness, shaping the body you want will always benefit from a little help. 

A CryoToning® treatment can be that helping hand. A non-invasive procedure using a biological process scientifically backed, that will leave you with smooth, toned, younger looking skin. 

The kind of results you can expect 

Working on the dermal layer of the skin, the part where collagen and elastin fibres sit, a CryoToning® treatment targets looses skin, cellulite and signs of ageing. 

Depending on your desired results a therapist will suggest a treatment package. This may also include CryoSlimming® sessions, if you are looking to reduce pockets of fat in certain areas also. 

The main benefits and results this treatment will acheive are:

  • Reduction in apperance of cellulite 
  • Smoothed skin texture and quality 
  • Reduction in wrinkles 
  • Youger looking skin 
  • Improved microcirculation 
  • Tighter skin, less sagging 
  • Boost in production of collagen and elastin 

What to expect from a CryoToning® session 

The sessions are around 30 minutes long, there is no down time and can be easily scheduled around your busy day. They can be combined with other non-invasive body treatments. 

The therapist will use a wand, set to a cold temperature of under 10°C to massage the skin. Followed by the warmth of the therapists hand, triggering the blood vessels to move between vasoconstriction and vasodilation, encouraging oxygenated blood flow to the area and sends out fresh nutrients that build up the skin making it more plump and visibly smoother.

Whats great about Cryotoning® is that the treatment has a cumulative effect. Meaning the microcirculation and collagen production ramp up over time, with most clients starting to see sustainable results around the third or fourth treatment. To learn more about Cryotoning® read our Q&A blog here.

Book a CryoToning® treatment now and feel your most confident self this summer!

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