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Over the past year I have been looking into aesthetic and beauty machine treatments for body slimming and body contouring so the team can talk to our retailers and clients about the benefits of using Cryostar® as a non-invasive alternative. Cryostar® can easily achieve the results of many (old and new) treatments.

Starting with the most obvious comparison – slimming – liposuction, fat freezing, fat melting, fat dissolving injections – an array of amazing technologies used within the aesthetics industry (and lots of our own retailers) to achieve a reduction in the body’s fat cells and create a ‘slimmer, more contoured’ look to localised areas.

“CryoSlimming® can achieve the same slimming results just by using temperatures ranging between 40 celsius and -8 celsius where others need to use anaesthetic, chemicals, synthetic vitamins, needles and invasive drains.” – Michael – Sales Manager

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Big talk about fat dissolving injections in the beauty industry at the moment, including new formulas being used.

Results have been good for the injections (only if maintained with a healthy lifestyle) but with many downsides and side effects through a course of treatments. I wanted to highlight how CryoSlimming® treatments compare and differ.

Fat Dissolving InjectionCryostar® Beauty
The body’s inflammatory response to the injections can last up to six weeks – per session. It is a given that multiple sessions will be needed which means months of inflammation in the treatment areas.The treated area slightly swells immediately after the cooling session, this passes after 20 + minutes. Occasionally the area will go red and feel cold to the touch.
It is suggested that pre injection arnica tablets are taken to try and reduce bruising, post injection pain relief as well as warm compression.The only requirements prior to treatments are not to eat/drink foods high in sugar or carbs and no alcohol or caffeine two hours before or directly after. Also, if possible avoid excessive exercise directly before – the reason for this is to prevent the body’s temperature fluctuating for a short period of time whilst having the treatment.
Temporary tender, bruised and swelling that can feel bumpy in the treated area. Loss of sensation too.No downtime or prolonged side effects come with the slimming treatment. Occasionally a temporary numbness and redness in the treatment area (same day), along with slight muscle soreness and increased urination. It’s important to increase water intake for the lymphatic system to help boost the results.
Avoid getting too hot and exercise for a week after each treatment.Clients can continue with their usual routines including exercise with the exception of 2 hours straight after treatment.
Chin slimming injections can cause very noticeable swelling initially that is hard to hide, as well as track lines.Cryostar® Double Chin slimming is one of the treatments that a client can notice a result straight away. There is no down time and the area can also be toned 1 week after or it can be combined with a CryoFacial™.
Loose skin – in the treated areas, as skin loses fat cells and pockets of fat. Recommended to follow with a skin tightening treatment – adding to treatment cost, downtime between treatments needs to be included, not exposing to exercise etc.Cryostar® also offers CryoToning® treatments so a client can alternate their sessions weekly between Slimming and Toning. Some areas that a client expected to be Slimming may indeed only require Toning – a technician will discuss this during the initial consultation.
Don’t expect instant results, can take from 9 weeks up to 3 months.Results can be seen straight after the first treatment and will progress over the 2 weeks following. Onboarding more water will emphasise this more as well as adding in additional services to drain the lymphatic system.
Up to 90 minutes per treatment.Up to 35 minutes per treatment.
Not a ‘go to’ treatment for larger areas like saddle bags, thighs – expense of multiple vials, sessions needed and too high cost .CryoSlimming® is perfect for stubborn areas of fat that will not reduce with exercise and diet alone. Depending on the density of the area the treatment will cover a larger body part no problem.

Comments and information from: Slimmers Weekly, The Treatment Tester, Mums Net, Real Self.

Of all of the treatments that Cryostar® comes up against regularly, fat dissolving injections has the most potential for side effects. Some trials have reported as high as 90% of patients having adverse reactions. This is not to say they don’t work – they do – but it’s only by spending the most and visiting the best clinics that patients receive the necessary level of care, including anaesthetic being added to the solution! When we look at our own clients and results they are compatible in both pricing and results.” – Michael – Sales Manager

Do the research for yourself – knowledge is key – before any body changing, permanent treatment it is always good to have prepared your own questions – at Cryostar® Beauty we can put you in touch with any of our retailers to discuss your requirements and which treatment will best fit your needs, the training we offer is extensive and many are already in the aesthetic field so can immediately compare other treatments.

2020 taught us lots of things and being kind to ourselves was part of that – read here for some starting points to living a healthy lifestyle and prepare your body for any treatments you decide to have once the beauty industry reopens.


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