We spoke to Cryostar® specialist Mo, owner of state-of-the-art clinic Newlife Aesthetics based in Wimbledon. At Newlife they are not interested in passing fads or false promises, but work with the very latest breakthroughs in aesthetics-based science. Their Customer Service and tailor made consultations work exactly with our Cryostar® brand ethos.

Karen | Operations Director

Question’sFrom Mo
You’ve been in the industry for over 30 years! What has kept your passion going for non-surgical procedures all this time?The increasing technology how it moves and ever develops, it’s not an industry that stands still its ever developing and improving. I love that about it!
You also spent time in your career as a trainer, what did you enjoy about that most?I spent time as an educator teaching businesses how to manage everything from clients, how to host reception and manage the day to day of their clinic business. The whole shebang! It was all about helping businesses flow properly from start to finish. I love that part of the whole customer service element before, during and after treatment.

The customer journey is so important, I would say it would be as much as 50/50 split of the overall experience- it’s the whole customer journey. If you come in feeling bad and you don’t have a good reception and welcome then it doesn’t matter what the treatment is like.
We love your ethos of working with the client to find out their desired need and offering various treatments accordingly. Why is this important to you?I always want to treat my clients the way I would want to be treated. We are not machines, we are not exactly the same so we all need to be treated individually, also not all treatments suit everyone.

If you do the same one treatment the same way on everybody you’re not going to get great results, it’s important to create a plan individually for each client.

Cryostar® is such an exciting but quite new treatment to the UK – why did you choose Cryostar® for your clinic?We already offered a fat-freezing treatment, but it was not as adaptable as you can’t mould it around the body, especially if someone is smaller.

Cryostar® actually allowed me to have a trial and within that time my clients loved the results so I was excited to have it permanently in my clinic.
CryoSlimming® and CryoToning® are of course non-invasive, the technology has come such a long way. Do you ever see a time where treatments such as these ever negate the need for surgery, or will it always simply be personal choice?I do think that eventually surgical treatment will be gone, not completely but the majority will go. If you have the option most clients would choose non-invasive. Clients are becoming more educated and the technology has increased to such a high standard with great results it will soon make surgery limited to very specific treatments in time.
Body confidence and achieving YOUR body goals are at the heart of Cryostar. Who is in your opinion the most body confident person to you past or present and why?I always admired Sharon Stone. I also admire Oprah Winfrey as she is so confident and faces it. She may want to be slimmer but gets on with her life and is happy in herself.

If you would like to book a consultation with Mo and her team at Newlife please visit their website or call them on 020 8286 8858.

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