When diet and exercise aren’t enough, Cryostar® will help you achieve the look you’ve been striving for… This is exactly the case for Personal Training clients of our Cryostar® Partner Carrie, Co-Director of Skin Masters, Exeter.

Carrie is used to meeting clients who try fad diets, shakes and quick fixes that often don’t work or have a short term effect. They soon realise the roller coaster journey plays havoc with their body, weight and mindset. Once they start working the ‘right way’ with longer term sustainable goals they put in the hard work, stay consistent and reap the results! Here’s what Carrie has to say about offering her clients Cryostar®.

What do your clients need and gain from their PT sessions?A recent client decided that after working hard and staying on track with her healthy lifestyle she wanted to try Cryostar® as part of her regime. As a personal trainer I get so much pleasure from seeing the changes in people as they achieve their goals, getting fitter, healthier & losing weight. Whilst the physical changes are of course fantastic, it’s the mental and psychological changes that come hand in hand with that that really makes me beam with happiness for them.

Seeing how much more confident people suddenly become, standing taller not trying to shrink away in a room, a new belief in themselves and an all round glow of being so much happier in their own skin and in charge of their body. With many people though, despite their very best efforts with nutrition and training hard there is so often one last little area they just can’t shift. I know I have one!
When does Cryostar® fit into your business?Many people get to a really comfortable place with a diet and exercise routine that’s really maintainable for them and no longer feels a battle all but for this one little area, often tummy, or hips or thighs. This can be so frustrating because they have worked so hard and often come so far. This is where Cryostar® is just perfect. The finishing touch to really help a person love ALL of their body. What better motivation to maintain the new you and make sure you keep up the good work. I find clients that have had Cryostar® have a whole new motivation to keep going.

Client Testimonial

I started this process a little skeptical. Aesthetic treatments have not always been in my thought process.

When Carrie explained the CryoSlimming® treatment to me and how it works as well as what it does – it tempted me! Carrie gave me the science, details, checked medically it was safe for me and answered all my questions. I am so pleased she did!

One session in and I can see such a difference. Not only a visual change but emotionally and mentally it has impacted me positively. I felt confident and for the first time, I wore a skirt and felt a flatter stomach! This has always been a stubborn area to rid for me.

I exercise regularly and eat well but could never shift that tummy. But using CryoSlimming® alongside my healthy lifestyle I have seen the change. A huge change! Carrie has worked magic. Not only does she make me feel strong and powerful in the gym she has now made me feel strong and powerful in my own skin. It has given me a confidence I never thought I would have. I am so excited to see what 2 more CryoSlimming® treatments do followed by CryoToning®.”

Carrie has recently merged businesses with Traci, Director of Skin Masters they now offer a range of skin and body procedures to help people with any issues they may have. Traci has for many years offered plasma fibroblast, a skin treatment that tightens loose skin. For example this can be used for sagging eyelids but also larger areas such as a loose skin on a tummy after a weight loss.

Skin Masters also offer microneedling which again can lift and tighten skin helping with anti-aging on the face and body and also scars, stretchmarks and acne.

“Traci and I felt that between us we can offer the full package, the skin expert and the body expert. Helping people overcome the things they feel self conscious about and helping them love what they see in the mirror. We felt the two complimented each other beautifully and between us we could bring a wealth of knowledge and passion for making people feel great about themselves.” Carrie.

Artemis loves partnering with businesses that already offer fantastic client services – Carrie and Traci share our ethos of wanting everyone to look and feel good in their own skin. By introducing one of our devices to their business, they were able to offer their clients the full package to achieve their goals.

Karen – Marketing Manager

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