We at Cryostar® Beauty are thrilled with our UK Flagship London Clinic at Pietro Simone in prestigious Belgravia, SW London.

Pietro is an Italian force within the clinical treatment and skincare market not only in the UK but also across the pond in New York where he boasts another renowned Clinic.

Cryostar® Beauty are delighted to partner with the London Pietro Simone Clinic as they hold so many of our brand values – empowering women to look and feel confident in their own skin whilst using cutting edge technology to provide real results.


Pietro Simone Clinics together with Cryostar® Beauty will provide clients the best in non-invasive shaping and toning treatments so you can rediscover the best you and more importantly feel great!

With celebrity clients such as Alexandra Burke, Duncan James, Lorraine Kelly and the queen of skin herself Alessandra Steinherr you will be in great company.

Boasting over 35k followers on Instagram Pietro is a renowned influencer in the beauty, skincare and aesthetic arena. Until you can go to see Pietro and his team in person, check out his Instagram page where he shares tips, exclusive techniques and DIY at home tricks.

His cult skincare range is now also available at Harrods, gaining stellar acclaim with all of the UK & US Beauty press.


Why were you excited about adding Cryostar® to your clinic’s treatment list?

I adore cryotherapy in general, from the cryo chambers and all treatments using cold therapy as they are very active and perform well. The reason I chose Cryostar® is because the machine doesn’t have suction and we can work with our hands to be even more specific in the targeting and in control of the treatment for the very best results.

What are your top 3 toning and sculpting tips you can recommend to do at home until clients can get back into the clinic?

I talk a lot about this on my Instagram, you really don’t have to be a professional to be able to do a few very simple massages yourself at home.

You must start every time with the lymphatic opening which is very easy to do. A face massage every 2-3 days can create really nice muscle stimulation, lymphatic stimulation and blood circulation – you can use your hands to do this or a gua sha as long as you know how to use it.

Top three tips:

1. Work on your Lymphatic opening

2. Face massage/Gua sha massage

3. Microcurrent facial tools

Which celebrity living or dead is your epitome of Body Confidence?

For me body confidence comes from when you are confident with yourself, not what your body looks like. There are a huge amount of names I look up to of all sizes, big, small… who cares! But they have inside themselves lots of wisdom.

People with so many different incredible accomplishments, however I always looked up to Maya Angelou because she’s an incredible woman and her words are pure wisdom and she was regardless of her body shape happy in her own body.

Book your Cryostar® appointment at the Clinic here:

Pietro Simone Clinic
28 Lowndes Street,
+44 02031982119

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