You want smooth, dimple free skin? We got you.



The Results.

the results

Treatment Area: Neck

Number of Treatments: 2


Goodbye Cellulite.

Target loose skin, cellulite and signs of ageing with CryoToning® treatments. The procedure reaches the dermal layer of the skin – the middle part where all the important cells and proteins live; 80% of the dermis is made up of collagen and elastin fibres. Cold temperatures widen the blood vessels increasing oxygen supply, which stimulates the bodies natural collagen production and reduces the appearance of cellulite.

Full body confidence.

Improve your skins texture and appearance in 7 different areas: Thighs, Abdomen/Hips, Arms, Upper back, Chest/Breasts, Neck/Décolleté & Butt. A proven biological process backed by science.


What to Expect.

The wand is set to cold (under 10°C) and after applying a gel, massage of your chosen treatment area begins. The warmth of your therapist’s hand follows the cool wand; alternating temperatures on your skin trigger the blood vessels to move between vasoconstriction and vasodilation. This encourages oxygenated blood flow to the area and sends out fresh nutrients that build up the skin making it more plump and smoother. Treatments last around 30 minutes, and with no down time, can be easily scheduled around your busy day.

After 10 minutes on each leg...all the cellulite in the middle and along the sides of my thighs had vanished!

One Device. Four Amazing Treatments.

CryoFacial™, CryoToning®, CryoSlimming® and CryoSoothe™ treatments can be combined or alternated for the ultimate results. Shape your body, tone skin, reduce the appearance of cellulite, wrinkles and ease soreness with one device.