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Mo Ashraf, NewLIfe Aesthetics

At first I was very skeptical about the effectiveness of this treatment but I've witnessed with my own eyes the real time results and they are phenomenal!

How it Works

Cryostar is a different way of growing your business, because we’re not here to sell you a machine. We are here to build a partnership that lasts.

Zero Risk

Test Cryostar with your customers with our no upfront cost 4-week trial. If you're not seeing new business, you can return your Cryostar with no questions asked, any time, and we pay for shipping.

Training & Support

You will receive free online & in-person training and ongoing support with your marketing strategy, including professionally designed marketing collateral to help generate awareness.

Community Access

Join our growing network of retail locations, become part of a community of entrepreneurs and share best practices and strategies that push the limits of your business.

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